CASAEÉRA instils the brand's design approach into a curated homeware line.

EÉRA’s first foray into the world of objects began with MANI – a project that spotlights artists working with their hands, or mani, and showcases crafting processes conducted by the hands of a single maker.

EÉRA sought out a number of artists all over the world, forging the connections that led to the creation of CASAEÉRA.

The inaugural pieces are made in collaboration with a selection of these artists, who marry their own unique crafting techniques with the EÉRA signatures, including colour, motif, and material. As the project continues to evolve, objects designed and crafted exclusively by EÉRA will feature in the range, resulting in a sleek, sophisticated collection that forever captures the brand’s DNA, but from an entirely new angle.

  • Brote Paleta by Ariadna Chez
  • Mosso Ambra Filo by Micheluzzi Glass
  • EPS5 Candle by Malte Van Der Meyden
    Sold out
  • Ring Mirror by Mariadela Araujo
  • Spiky Red Cocktail by Alexandra Zawistowska
  • Sham Mirror by Forever Studio
  • Carpet by Edurne Camacho
  • Furrows of The Skin by Ying Chang
  • Mixed Metal Shelf by Sigurd Nis Schelde
  • Mother by Nilufer Yildirim
  • Nocturnal Crowd by Nilufer Yildirim
  • Portrait Of A Woman by Nilufer Yildirim