Oasis represents an electric energy – the kind that reverberates through the air and stimulates the senses.

The brand has captured this through the use of colour. The Italian-made Tokyo earrings and necklaces included in the collection are designed in bold shades that come together to create a free-flowing dégradé effect.

‘Afterglow’, ‘Balearic Tide’, ‘Midsummer’, and ‘Midnight Hour’ are the four unique colourways. Each one represents a moment experienced in nature.

Also included in the capsule is the Moon bag, which has been recreated in canvas. Vibrant snap hooks accent the leather straps and contrast the soft shades of the tactile fabric.


This version of the signature Tokyo pendant is coated in shades of pink that fade to black. The dusky dégradé effect is the ‘Afterglow’ colourway, which mirrors the radiance the sun leaves behind once it has set.

Balearic Tide

This Tokyo pendant is saturated in shades of blue, green and yellow. The vibrant dégradé effect is the ‘Balearic Tide’ colourway inspired by the reflections in crystal clear waters.


The ‘Midsummer’ colourway of this Tokyo pendant is inspired by the palpable heat of the summer solstice and fades from orange to fuchsia.

Midnight Hour

For this version, the Tokyo pendant is painted shades of purple and blue that intermingle to create the ‘Midnight Hour’ colourway. It’s inspired by the night sky’s after-hours glow.