An ancient enchantress whose seductive charm is celebrated yet feared. As though rising from the sea, her silhouette is traced by Italy’s southwestern mountains.

EÉRA’s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign tells a story through the female form.

Unveiling EÉRA’s new collection, the campaign’s photography series is inspired by Yuyi’s previous work.

“It’s inspired by my photography series People On The Beach,” says Yuyi, referring to a project that was shot on the beach in Japan while spending time with a friend. “Surprisingly my friend’s face looked like a landscape. This time we used the same concept, trying to build a landscape from the model’s face.” In doing so, the focus is drawn to what sits at the forefront – the jewelry. Through this collaboration, EÉRA offers a new angle from which to view its pieces, combining its own creative vision with Yuyi’s.


Photography: John Yuyi
Talent: Tamika Fawcett
Make-up: Phoebe Walters
Hair: Aya Kurakova
Production: Georgiba Butz
Copy: Lucy Demetriou